Corporate Responsibility

Challenges refine an individual, and individuals refine corporations by delivering the best!

We take our corporate responsibility very seriously, which enables us to attract, retain and develop the best talent in and around the UAE. Our services in HR outsourcing remain the best and this is coupled with our work in recruitment and port operations. Our commitment is inclusive of hiring as well as promotion.

For the Greater Good!

Our outreach in the community remains one of our important aspects and helps us to streamline our efforts and make us responsible citizens. We hold training modules and initiatives to provide individuals that are dedicated to work in any situation with ease. These individuals armed with professional skills will support the economy and its growth can be a great commitment to the nation.

By helping our job-seekers’ abilities and fine tuning their industry-related skills, JAMS HR Solutions offers a platform and an opportunity for thousands of people to work in fields that they are good at. This helps us to deliver better performance and provide a competitive edge while at the same time, maximizing talent retention.

Continuous learning opportunities are provided to people that are focused on the strengths of the individuals that work with us. This has provided us with ample reason to grow as a company and maintain strong relationships with industry-centric people.

An Open Invitation…

JAMS HR Solutions is always on the lookout for talented minds who can make a difference to the community. We like to keep an open environment for talented candidates willing to join us and are in line with our philosophy and strategic aims.

We would look forward working with the individuals with a knack for technology, energetic and the ability to create and make a difference. If you have the ability to think and the capability to adapt and grow to a constantly changing environment, you are the perfect candidate.

We are constantly looking to expand our team and our job-seekers are the biggest asset that we have. If you feel that you have the right attitude towards it, please do not hesitate to come forward.

We also provide

Apart from a brilliant working environment, we also provide multiple jobs enhancing modules that are designed to help an individual develop immensely.

We assist job-seekers during their crucial career-changing phase such as joining and promotion, specific function training is done for domains such as sales, finance as well as technical support along with ethics, compliance and social and security awareness training.

Our outsourcing story is built on the foundations of hard work and hope!

We look to provide the same opportunity for those who join us. Together, we will strive for a better future and commit to motivate and push boundaries to gain momentum in the quest to achieve perfection.

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