April 1, 2017

Best HR Consultancy in Dubai – The Pillars of Organization



Best HR Consultancy in Dubai
Best HR Consultancy in Dubai – JAMS HR Solutions

What makes us the best HR Consultancy in Dubai and makes us the pillar of your Organization?

Excellent Communication System

Internal & External Communication, Downward& Upward Communication, Types of communication (oral, phone, email, chat etc.)

Privacy & Integrity

Protect the confidentiality, understand the prevalent law and implement it in the policy, reporting of misconduct etc.

Equality and Respect

fair employment related decisions, respect individuals and ensure no abuse.

Team Spirit & Motivation

Clearly written duties & Responsibilities, Assignment of jobs to the right personnel, Motivation techniques, Promotion of work culture as a team, cultivating team spirit in all means etc.

Responsibility and Commitment

Responsible for your duty, Authorization, Documentation of resources, reporting fraudulent activities/Misuse etc.

Competitiveness & Professionalism

Conduct of business relationship in a professional and competitive manner, Sound decision making, objective judgement, understand the conflict of interest etc.

Integrated & Secured Accounting System

The existence of flawless digital accounting software in place to ensure the accounting system and the correspondence are in the proper way.

Record Management System

Periodical auditing, documentation, Back end options for file storing system etc.

IT Policies

Usage of internal & external IT resource usage, dos and don’ts, Authorization and privilege to resources etc.

Legal Compliance

safety of intellectual property, the formation of policies in accordance with the existing law, Confidentiality etc.

360-degree Marketing System

Various of ways of marketing system existence and products/Service are connected, Types of marketing (Social medias, Telemarketing, Email, Face-face, Blogs, advertisement) etc.

Market Analysis and Organization Performance System

Knowledge on the status of product, service, industry domains, target people, Related industrial peripherals, Company positioning, Pros and Cons, areas of improvement etc.

Cost Control & Budgeting

Business goals & Strategic plans, Projections of Revenue, fixed cost, variable cost etc., Target Profit Margin, Control reports, Reduction standards, cost cutting etc.

Quality Control & Assurance

Implementation of Quality guidelines & standards, ISO Systems & certifications, Quality personnel etc.

Health & Safety

comply with rules& guidelines, safety precautions, inspection and workplace health & safety management team in place.


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