March 12, 2017

Best Psychological approaches to impress the Interviewer

Confident Body language

Showing your palms indicate sincerity,
Excellent Eye contact &
Flexible body movements to mirror the interviewer’s body language.

Reflective Listening

paraphrase your interviewer questions concisely

Analyze & Consolidate

Analyze & Consolidate the organizational motives, operations, activities etc., which are relating to the position you are seeking for. Reach the Interview hall in time.

Professional and neat dressing

Choose appropriate suit for the interview (traditional/customer-focused careers).

Modify your answers in accordance with the interviewer’s age

Demonstrate visual tasks and your multi-skill abilities for people under 30. Show your commitment and dedication for people above 50.

Praise the interviewer and the organization

Praise the interviewer and the organization without exaggerations with reason.

Wise Preparation for predictable/Common questions

prepare the answers wisely depends on the job role.

Eg: What is your weakness? ‘I would like to improve on my handwriting’ (For online jobs).

Friendlier & assertive

Maintain friendlier, assertive approach and smiling face throughout your interview session.

Showcase your ability

Showcase your ability to do the job as connected and systemic.

Show Enthusiasm

Show enthusiasm in all your speech deliveries.