February 1, 2017

Blogs & Articles

Given how widespread our experience is in HR consulting, training and professional development, we know how crucial it becomes for individuals to research, study and adopt the knowledge on emerging trends in a specific industry, and specifically about the job opportunities in that domain. This broad experience in domain knowledge across verticals has helped us create a pool of in-depth, research-centric articles, which are mostly written by experts for professionals both young and old.

This huge database of information has inputs on the latest industry news and a series of articles on how professionals can better define their career choices depending on the skills and strengths. Weekly blogs and articles by educators, administrators, engineers and technocrats as well as working professionals are featured in this segment and have already garnered huge appreciation from students and young professionals.

Our articles also discuss niche areas such as training and development programs and executive training resources, and mention references to other study materials that will serve in building and rebuilding careers.