May 20, 2017

How can you become a better orator?

Oration is an art to evolve the hearts of millions quaint with the way of articulating words, sequences and delivering conclusion with a great message. The speech introduction of Swami Vivekananda, as ‘Brothers and sisters of America’, made a maiden, great impression about Indians in the USA at that time. Winston Churchill’s rhythm of speech and qualifies ‘every note in the speech as an organ’, John.F. Kennedy’s berlin speech about ‘freedom’, Pericles Funeral Oration, William Jennifer Bryan’s Cross of Gold Speech, Abraham Lincoln’s inspirational speech on his accomplishments in the face of insurmountable difficulties etc. are heart-warming coins of lessons for the beginners. Let us see the core structure of the oration in a few points.

1) Confident introduction of speech with a strong greeting.

2) Compliment the audience.

3) Opening statement on setting the expectation for the speech.

4) Development of speech through interesting sequences like stories, memory of certain events etc.

5) Flow of speech with the modulation of your voice

6) Structuration of points orderly

7) Positive tone and wise use of humor.

8) Showing strong emotions with the nature of speech.

9) Perfect answers for your opponents in a fair way.

10) A smashing conclusion

11) A concise paraphrase of your message

12) Compliment the audience and the team.