March 11, 2017

How can you maintain a quality platform for HR Professionals to streamline the workforce efficiently?

The global business is inviting the talent HR Professionals to add the value of its business. Business is something we cannot get our fingers crossed by expecting the big fish unless if you own a highly efficient human resource to plan & execute the minutes of strategies on time. HR Executives enact a crucial role on hiring, motivating and guiding the right talented team towards the growth of the organization. Let us find some of the latest methods in relation with it.

1. Continuous Learning Programs

The up gradation of skills and increasing knowledge keep HR staffs up-to date with the with the major trends of the job market and new challenges. Continuous learning Programs help to adapt changing work demands and re-engineer the prevalent values, methods, policies, and practices at your organization system.
The establishment of an erudite L&D system especially, online Learning programs and testimonials, will help the HR executives to boost their knowledge and expertise.

2. Domain Expertise and Knowledge

Domain knowledge in different industry verticals is much required quality for an HR Professional in this competitive world. To achieve it, I would suggest you to create opportunities for learning from their educational background and experience. It will help you to make sure that the right people hold the right position at your organization.

3. Pragmatic Performance Reviews

When you prepare performance Metrix, please do make sure that it relevant to the job involved by the employee and focus on objectives of the process as well. You may need to consult it with the operational Manager or SME before the preparation for the same.
A pragmatic performance review ensures your business and the people are with the same direction to achieve the objectives. Avoid conventional way of conveying theoretic explanation for Qualitative review segments, instead, adopt a customized review pattern which is more specific to the job and your company policies.

4. Online HR Communities

HR communities in social media will help us to understand the major trends, fluctuations, predictions, innovative thoughts in the business market and implement these ideas into execution for the growth of the business. As of my observation, LinkedIn is the best among all other social networks on this.

5. Scope of Innovation

Without innovation, no companies can lead the competitive market. Depends on our business domain, you need to create a platform for innovation. Discussions, Brainstorming sessions, Presentations etc. should streamline with innovation.

6. Employee Engagement Programs

[email protected] work, assigning of mentor to every new-comer, Rewards & Recognitions, Charity programs, Volunteering programs, team photos, Promotion & Salary hike, celebrating common festivals, Online HR chat systems, Career Guidance, retaining employee are the major employee engagement led by the HR officers. It is important for an HR personnel should have to come up the innovative way of operations to appeal the employees.

7. People Analytics

Knowledge on People Analytics assists HR personnel to know on people thinking on changing systems & technology, finding the strengths and weakness, choosing the right person to the internal job positions, reviewing the progress of the candidate etc.

8. HR Technologies

HR tech startups help to solve organizational challenges, better engage their employees and improve business outcomes.

Online Intranet Systems like Employee portals, Chat systems, discussion forums, learning portals, HR SAP & HRIS, System for continuous feedback, ongoing employee development, and real-time recognition etc. are the latest HR IT enabled services.