August 12, 2017

Why can’t I get a right job ? – Your Success story definitions

Things have never changed in my life and the days were the same. So desperate, bad destiny plays over me. I have no luck to get the job. The market is appalled how can I survive? No jobs for my qualifications /skills, I am not getting through any interviews…

These are the usual comments perched on the people who fail in their attempts. You may tempt accused of luck factors or destiny to extricate from the gruesome realities. But the fact is, success can only reach to the ones who accept the inner realities and work stiffer and closer to the objectives.

How? Let us simplify it by small steps.

1) Understand “Me” – Find your interests, passions, skills, desires, strengths, and weakness etc.

2) Filter your dreams in the real-world-situations – Think in a pragmatic way. What are your dreams those can be achieved (without prejudice and negative thoughts)?

3) List dreams in a priority basis

4) Research how to achieve your goals

5) Learn pros & cons, the obstacles, things to do etc.

6) Find your areas of Improvements

7) Prepare a clear plan for each goal in a timely manner. Also, Find the alternative plans

8) Use the “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Limited)

9) Be determined and passion for hard-work.

10) Consider the cost (If required) and how to invest it wisely.

11) Make your plans as games. Set levels for each stage.

12) Evaluate and confirm the plans can be executed.

13) Prepare a daily routine in accordance with the plans

14) Stick to your plans consistently.

15) Set an achievable target for each day. Reward yourself when you achieve targets.

16) Update your knowledge level and skill level in each target.

17) Analyze your progress at the end of every week.

18) Execute the alternative plans in case if you cannot perform the primary plan.

19) Manage/control your costs.

20) Make sure your time is utilized in an efficient way without delays

21) Treat your negative thoughts as “ordinary” and positive thinking as “great”

22) Enjoy the moments – Paying attention to the work you do, Attention to your health and grooming, understand your negative thoughts, Appreciate your efforts, achievements etc.

23) Stop comparing your life with others

24) Take challenges as opportunities

25) Deal with the positive vibes – People who like, trust, love, appreciate you