April 28, 2018

Change your life season always to the Spring

We live in a busy scheduled life. We always murmur ourselves that we do not have time. Here is the question — Are we really busy? or we make ourselves busy to run the time faster? If you are really busy, are you spending your time worthier?. nod your head for a moment and dig all the activities we do in a day one by one.

Depict each your daily activity in your imagination and split into small parts- Ask 4 questions

Why do you need it?

What makes this activity added to your life?

Does it recognize your passions, interest, and likes?

Does this make you happier?

Analysis & Unplugging

Analyze the answers and prioritize the events in accordance with the marks you obtained. Remove the ones from the list those are less important for you in your daily schedule. E.g: Mobile Gaming. Now, re-arrange your schedules accordingly.


Are you able to find time to do some sort of exercise daily, at least half an hour? If it is not, find a time for the exercise daily minimum for half an hour.

Break your Bad Habits and replace it with good ones

No doubt, bad habits like smoking, drinking etc will give you an instant relief. We may always ready to succumb to its carvings(depend on the user’s addiction level). But the truth is that we will kill ourselves day by day. Ask the above questions and the cause can be stress, anxiety, boredom or anything.

Find a substitute to replace your bad habits and reduce the number of intakes. Find relations/friends who can support your decision and motivate you. You can see mesmerizing effects on you. Evaluate your progress periodically and appreciate yourself. Find some good habits which you are interested and try to engage in enjoying your time.

Do the ‘Small things’

We always concentrate on doing big things and miss small things which may make your relations smoother and happier. Find the gap in your relations and cause of it. Find the ‘small things’ you can do from your limitations constantly to repair it.

Fun Initiatives

Being happy is not always easy. You need workarounds to keep yourself happy. Find some time for travel and spend time with beloved ones. Find your interests and initiate fun activities accordingly.

Socialize your moments with ‘Positive Vibes’

The best part of our interaction and socialization when we find the positive vibes around us. You can find more time for the ones who motivate you, energize you in a positive mood.

Follow your heart and love yourself

Confidence and positive thinking are two sides of the coin. To achieve it, you start to love and believe yourself.