February 1, 2017

CV Writing Tips

At JAMS HR Solutions, we know that a well written CV is the first step to securing an interview call. Our CV writing assistance has been scientifically designed keeping in mind the best practices in recruitment that HR managers follow while recruiting. Remember recruiters take just 5 seconds to make their judgment.

The key elements of our CV writing service include:

Region-Specific Guidance

When it comes to designing a professional CV, the first and foremost requirement is to concentrate on the region one is targeting. Our CV assistance is offered keeping in mind the formats and styles preferred in each country/region. We also concentrate on specific words and sentences that appeal to recruiters of every region.

Keyword Focus

A good CV also has to come with a specific set of words/phrases that are a must for particular industries as well as relevant for SEO-based searches of job portals.

Skills and Strengths

When it comes to enriching professional CVs, highlighting the strengths and skills of an individual are crucial. Leading recruiters will tell you that most CVs end up being thrown into the paper bin because they are way too long. That is why we create CVs where key points such as skills, certifications and achievements are highlighted effectively for the recruiter to notice at once.

Well Written

Only a well-worded CV that sounds pithy and crisp is appreciated. We take special care to enrich your CV, which appears pleasing to both the eyes and ears!

Explain Benefits

Just a mere mention of skills is not enough. More and more recruiters want to know how those skills will benefit the organization. Our assistance will help you highlight the tangible results that you have achieved in the past.

But this niche service does not stop with tips on enriching one’s CV only, we also prepare individuals on how to discuss salaries according to the level applied for, and also prepare them for the dos and don’ts of job interviews. Our motive therefore is to groom professionals adequately, and help them better understand themselves and what they can optimally achieve in any profession.