June 17, 2020

Future of Work Once the Corona Crisis Blows Over

Future of Work Once the Corona Crisis Blows Over

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven profound societal and organizational shifts, with leaders having to get back to the drawing board to build practices and lessons to tide the crisis and be future-ready for such black swan events.

As a senior executive working with a leading recruitment agency in UAE points out, “The future of work will see a tectonic shift in the post-COVID world with new realizations on the horizon. The lessons learned during this unprecedented crisis will alter the dynamics of recruitment too.” So, what will be the future of work once the crisis blows over? Let’s find out.

Work from home will gain major traction

To keep engines of production running, organizations in the services sector across the globe allowed its workforce to work from home during COVID-19. While the concept of remote working always existed, it became the lifeline for many in the last couple of months. Till now, it was a common belief that productivity was possible only in an office environment.

“COVID-19 has shattered this myth by a long-distance and now employers are waking up to the reality of embracing and integrating work from home into their organizational policy,” opines of a HR Outsourcing Consultant, working with one of the leading HR outsourcing companies in Dubai.

He further adds, “The scales of work from home will tilt in favour of those where the primary output is on a computer, including coding, writing, customer support and consulting, among others.”

Be prepared for shouldering additional tasks

In the post-COVID world, where there are chances of reduction in workforce, you need to be prepared to shoulder additional responsibilities. Irrespective of the industry you work for, your role may entail taking additional responsibilities.

This is where your technological prowess will be tested. As we says, “Social distancing identified as the most potent weapon to battle the COVID crisis is here to stay for quite some time. As customers may prefer maintaining physical distance, you need to upgrade and upskill on new technologies to reach out to them.”

Also, organizations may very well use technology as an augmentation or collaboration strategy to streamline costs and create value for their employees and clients.

Virtual meetings taking precedence

The pandemic has been a technological equalizer of sorts and if you must brace yourself for more virtual meetings in the coming days. Also, a more agile way of communicating with colleagues can evolve with interactions becoming emails and emails turning into instant messages.

According to a top manpower outsourcing company in Dubai“Team members not working together in a central office may rely heavily on video calling apps to communicate with each other. This will foster a different type of bonding, unavailable in the traditional working environment.”

In conclusion

Apart from these, the basic office structure may undergo a huge metamorphosis in the coming days with desks becoming spaced out, partitions going up and workers seeking private booths for focussed work. The above trends will catch up fast in the post-COVID world with organizations coming up with business models targeted to survive pandemics and crises like the one we are all going through.