April 25, 2017

Headhunting – how do you determine the process with your business objectives?

Headhunting is simply the process of recruiting candidates to your organization moderately top positions. But in today’s competitive world, it has reached many heights of technological advancements from various roots. Top positions required can be from Management, Leaders, C-Level, Board Members, Strategic decision makers etc. It requires specific skills and profound knowledge on those position hiring for. It can be a challenge for a recruiter to identify the right candidate to be hired.

In order to streamline your services into it, my suggestions are the following;

1) International Pool for Talent Identification

You can create your own job portal or align with famous job portal companies which offer services. Before we go ahead, we should a clear sourcing strategy which helps us to find the right most candidates for the job role.

2) Consultation for Suitable Selection

It is not easy to get top candidates since the numbers are a few and those may be demanding too.So we must have a platform to interact with the top candidates and get to know their career ambitions, plans, other personal desires to fulfill the dream of complete job etc.

3) Domain Expertise

Recruitment is not something following all along with the questionnaire template. It should be varied depends on various levels of positions, domains etc. Acquiring knowledge is considered as the best asset for any organizations. The HR organizations should cultivate the culture of making the HR team as domain experts in various fields like FMCG, Finance & Banking, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Retail & Supply Chain, Food, Automation, Production/Manufacturing, Marine/Shipping, E-commerce and IT & Telecommunication etc.

4) Executive Search

The conduct of executive search institutes high standards and systematic process. The HR outsourcing team comprises of experts from various domains specialized in recruiting executives, senior personnel in top positions etc. We should have the step-by-step process to recruit the best executive talent in small, mid-level as well as premium positions that bring excellence, on time & cost effective services.

5) Company Objectives Vs Headhunting

It is the most difficult part for a recruiter.A company objective is a result what the organization would like to achieve. Company objectives are measurable and it describes the actions required to accomplish a task. The recruitment team emphasizes their special attention the Job Description (JD) has prepared in a systematic way to meet the company objectives.

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