July 13, 2020

How is Technology Impacting Recruitment?

How is Technology Impacting Recruitment?

5 Ways Technology Impacting Recruitment

Technology has made deep in-roads in our lives and are impacting every aspect. Recruitment is one among the several sectors where it has made a profound impact and is changing its dynamics in a big way. Right from scouting candidates to analyzing volumes of data, technology has impacted several aspects of recruitment.

Let’s dig deep into how the world of recruitment has undergone a paradigm shift due to technology.


Scout Candidates Globally

Thanks to technology, recruiters can now scout talents from all over the world. Searching online job boards and professional networking sites, they can bring the best talent on-board.

As pointed out by Shameer Ibrahim, working as a recruiter with one of the leading recruitment companies in the UAE, “Technology has helped us break geographical barriers and reach out to people from different corners of the world. It helps us locate and interview candidates across the globe, thus giving the best to our clients.”

He further opines, “Thanks to technology, the recruitment sector has become pretty dynamic, and even candidates can reach out to their potential employers.” With technology, recruiters can reach out to individuals possessing specific skill sets that aren’t otherwise available locally.


Easy Assessment of Skills

Every job demands a specific skill set that needs to be well-assessed. While earlier the credentials on paper were banked upon, those days are over. Today, potential employers and recruiters can easily assess the skills and competency levels of employees through technology.

There are several assessment platforms through which recruiters can efficiently screen potential candidates with test content from experts.

In the words of Mr. S.V. Murugan, heading one of the top HR companies in Dubai, “It is because of technology that even candidates want to learn new skills so that their resume and performance stand out from the rest. With diverse skill sets, companies can reap the huge benefits, particularly at a time when they are looking for people capable of multi-tasking.”

Better Analyze Data

Recruiters often have volumes of data which they need to analyze. The process is quite tedious manually.

However, with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s quite easy to get meaningful insights into resumes and find out candidates that are suitable for the job.

In a competitive environment, it’s equally important to measure social quotient of potential job seekers, and here too, technology is playing an active role, saving time and efforts of recruiters in the process.

Also, real-time data is helping recruiters to streamline the entire recruitment process and find out where they can save time and efforts.

Cutting Down Human Bias

Though organizations and recruiters aim for promoting diversity in the recruitment process, sometimes they tend to give into human bias without knowing which can impact their profitability and operations in a big way.

However, thanks to the latest tools and processes, this human bias is cut to a great extent, thus ensuring a standard selection process for all.

Today, there are many AI-driven tools which identify hidden talents among employees and promote them for the betterment of organizations.

To Sum Up

As evident, the technology impacting recruitment process in a significant manner and in the coming days will further streamline operations.