July 18, 2020

Trends HR Leaders Should Watch Out For

Trends HR Leaders Should Watch Out For

In the past few years, the scope of human resources has evolved alongside changes in the way organizations function and achieve their goals.

As we set our foot in a new decade that has begun on a somber note due to the COVID-19 induced pandemic, these are some of the trends that HR leaders should watch out for which will bring a massive disruption in the way organizations perform.

Decision-making hinging on people analytics

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have brought a radical change in several sectors including HR domains. Organizations are increasingly using AI in the talent management process, and it will not be surprising if a data-driven approach is adopted to discover valuable insights about employee’s performance based on which decisions are made.

As pointed out by Husain Mubarak, working as an executive with one of the top recruitment companies in the UAE well known as JAMS HR Solutions, “HRs can dig into a wealth of information through Big Data and AI which includes employee statistics and their KRAs and KPIs. They can use this information for smarter decision making for their respective enterprises.”

Reduction in manpower due to automation

In a competitive environment, organizations are looking forward to automating tasks as much as possible to bolster productivity and reduce their dependence on humans. Also, in the current environment, automation plays a significant role in keeping employees safe and sound.

As per our prediction, nearly 70% of tasks done by a manager is expected to be automated by 2024. This will see a reduction in manpower. Having said that, automation will require people to operate the systems, and in the coming days, HR managers can expect an increase in the need of people who are capable of doing so.

Deploying solutions to improve the experience of job applicants

The experience of job applicants matters in recruitment. If the process is a long-drawn one with complications, it sends a negative message, and there are chances of missing out on bringing the best talents on board.

“New-age recruitment is vastly different from what it used to be even a few years ago. HRs today need to deploy solutions and processes that not only streamlines the entire process but also improve the experience of potential candidates,” says Mr. S.V. Murugan, managing a pool of recruiters in one of the leading HR outsourcing companies in UAE known as JAMS HR Solutions.

Building a brand for the employer

Potential employees today look forward to organizations of repute. To attract the best minds, it’s imperative that for organizations to build their brand, and this is where the role of an HR becomes all the more critical.

While traditionally HRs have been busy formulating company policies internally, now they need to come up with ideas and suggestions to build a brand name for their employers. This is crucial not only to attract new talent but also to retain the current lot. HRs will look forward to making people advocates of a brand on various platforms.

To Sum Up

As organizations adopt a lean approach, businesses need to create a positive experience for their employees. In the coming days, HRs need to adopt a dynamic approach and go beyond traditional responsibilities for ensuring overall progress of organizations