February 18, 2018

Interview; how to deal with toughest questions in the best manner?

The interview becomes a “luck” factor for job-seekers these days. It is because of the number of limited positions and high competitions among the candidates.

Your resume, cover letter are the first step to impress the interviewer. In the interview, your attire, body language, confidence level, communication skills, specific qualities for the position/organization are well-noted. It is also important how perfect your answers are.

Among a pool of right talented candidates, it is difficult to find out the best ones. So how do you impress the interviewer become significant in this regard?

The verbal communication becomes very crucial when interviewer try to find the insights of the candidate and those are the tough questions as well.

Let us find the some of toughest questions and its best answers.

1) Why should we hire you?

You can answer this question properly only if you read carefully the complete job description for the position. Compare your strengths with those in the job description and find how to do “brand” your image well.

e.g., “The job role for this position demands a profound knowledge of Excel. I have been using all advanced forms of excel like the pivot table, conditional formatting, slicers along the creation of Excel VBA & macros & for the last 4 years. Besides, I have 2 years of experience as data analyst helps me to prepare various forms of reports.”

2) What are your weaknesses?

Please avoid saying ” I am perfect,” or “I don’t have any weakness” Instead, give a genuine answer which is something far from the scope of work.

e.g., Interview for the Indoor sales Personnel – ” I need to work my driving skills – Even though I have driving license, I am not good at driving in curved roads or busy traffic conditions”

3) Where do you see yourself after a period 2/3/5 year?

The interviewer wants to know how serious your attitude towards your career and want to see your qualities of planning, reliability, and promptness in reply.

Please paraphrase your answer in a high pragmatic way to impress the interviewer.

e.g., ” In the next 2 years, I would like to keep an eye on improving my knowledge & skills consistently to become an SME for the project.”

4)”What is your dream job/career” or why do you apply for this position”?

The Interviewer wants to know your aspirations, readiness, and to predict how long the candidate can be with the organization. So, you must be cautious while you answer. Find job nature, type and expected outcome from the employee. Here you go! you can align your aspirations along with it.

e.g., For Digital Marketing Personnel role, ” I would like to adventurous for all my doings, I am crazy on making new things and be creative always. I would like to explore the latest trends in the world of advertisements. So, I chose Digital Marketing as my profession”

5) How do you manage office politics?

Nowadays, it becomes a crucial thing to know how an employee can manage and work people with multi-cultural and diverse values. Frame your answer in a better and logical way.

e.g.,”Office politics may generally be required for the well-execution of certain crucial jobs those cannot be done through the direct sources. It normally occurs when people with similar attitude, likes/dislikes belief, values etc. united and when they want to please the people in their own network. For example, if the organization does not want to entertain people smoking inside the premises. If the result can help to improve the image, work culture, good attitude etc towards the organization, politics can be a right choice to go on.
At the same time, certainly has an adverse effect on people and the organization. So, it is wise to keep away from office politics in those cases and report it to the concerned authority”

6) What is your expected Salary?

Most of the candidates may jump to the figures what they are looking for. In fact, it is not appropriate. You need to exhibit your experience, skills, previous salary, qualifications etc to be connected and state your expected salary.

e.g., I have been working as a Senior Accountant for the last 7 years. Besides, I have 5 years of proven track record in invoicing with global vendors. My previous salary was XXX. I am looking for 30% hike to it.”