May 16, 2020

How manpower service can support you during COVID 19

How manpower service can support you during COVID 19

The damage that COVID-19 catastrophe has caused is immeasurable, it’s not just a health pandemic but also a financial crisis. The unprecedented halt in economic endeavours due to lockdowns will definitely have a long-term impact on various big and small businesses. The great uncertainty has left business leaders baffled and looking for options to come out of the crisis or at least be prepared with the plan of action. World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus disease a global pandemic so obviously the impact that it will have is going to be tremendous. Taking it lightly or expecting miracles should be avoided. We, JAMS HR Solutions are the best Manpower companies in Dubai.

recruitment agency in UAE informs, many people have been left jobless due to their inability to cope with the changed work environment that requires enhanced skills. There is also a dearth of healthcare professionals due to the outbreak of the disease. Information and technology professionals are also in demand.

Recruitment is a daunting task that consumes energy. If you are also dealing with the manpower crisis during the pandemic, it’s time to offload the recruitment worries and hire any of the top manpower outsourcing companies in Dubai or any other recruitment agency in order to save time along with resources and utilise the same for more important tasks that enable growth. Approaching an established manpower agency will give you a number of benefits. Primary among them are:

Quick and accurate, meet deadlines

Recruitment companies in the UAE and other countries are efficient in handling a larger pool of candidates with diverse skills. Their expertise and in-house team with their plan of action achieve accuracy to much greater extent than any business doing the recruitment on its own. Because of the readily available database of job seekers the manpower service providers recruit people within the set timeline that can be short at times.

Better access and wider reach

Manpower service providers and agencies have a ready list of skilled and talented candidates shortlisted from across the digital and other platforms. They are equipped with the right kind of recruitment tools that enable easy search done instantly through a large number of mediums.

Saves opportunity cost

It is important for businesses to recruit people timely and not in a haphazard way as opportunity cost of the position lying unfilled for too long can be high and can also hamper work. Hiring manpower services enables you to do away with the issue and the opportunity cost altogether according to the top manpower outsourcing companies in Dubai.

Cost cutting  

Manpower Agencies in UAE reveal that as recruiting is their primary and sole job so they spend a large percentage of their advertising fund on placing ads across big job portals and other platforms to get access to skilled manpower. A small and medium business may not be able to spend the same amount of money to place job ads across various big and small platforms.

Higher talent retention rate

Manpower Services in Jebel Ali have shared that candidates tend to stay loyal to the agency for longer period of time thinking about their future, career and job opportunities. This is also one of the reasons that if manpower acquisition is done through the agencies, retention rate of employees is much higher.