June 11, 2020

Sectors That Can Witness Increased Demand for Manpower Supply in the Coming Days

Sectors That Can Witness Increased Demand for Manpower Supply in the Coming Days

Bringing wheels of production by Manpower Supply to a screeching halt with layoffs being the order of the day, the novel coronavirus has had a profound impact on world economies, including the UAE. As per a survey by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, a staggering 70% [1] of businesses in Dubai are expected to shut shop in the next six months.

A Moody’s report [2] points to significant shock to economic growth in the UAE due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, amid the gloom, there’s a ray of hope as there are certain sectors poised to witness increasing demand for manpower supply. Let’s delve deep into them.


As per a report by cybersecurity and compliance firm Proofpoint as many as 82% [3] of organizations in the UAE faced at least one cyberattack in 2019, while 51% [4] reported multiple cases. With COVID-19 forcing organizations to adopt a work from home policy, it’s has become even more essential to secure networks to prevent loss of crucial organizational data.

According to cybersecurity expert associated with a leading HR consultancy in Dubai, “With remote working all set to become the new norm, it has become even more essential for companies to adopt and implement robust cybersecurity measures to prevent loss of critical data, resulting in financial and reputational damage. So, the spike in demand for cybersecurity experts is all the more evident.”

Manpower Supply in the Coming Days

Organizations will also need to train their employees on the best practices and this is where the role of a cyber expert becomes all the more important.

Industrial automation

This is another sector that is expected to witness a rising demand for manpower supply. As per an executive associated with a leading recruitment agency in the UAE, “The crisis triggered by COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the need for social distancing which is expected to bolster the industrial automation market by several notches.”

It must be noted that the UAE is one of the key revenue generating countries for industrial automation in the Middle East. With retrenchment, the demand for professionals controlling automated processes and systems is poised for growth. Industrial automation enhances productivity that has a positive impact on bottom-line revenues.


UAE is one of the dominant players in e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and riding on high internet and smartphone penetration in the country, it’s believed that the segment will maintain double-digit growth through 2022 [5].

A survey found half [6] of UAE shoppers to continue using online platforms even after coronavirus with many of Dubai’s malls migrating online during the COVID-19 induced shutdown. With e-commerce saving the day for most, demand for web developers, digital operations managers, customer service representatives, logistics and inventory managers, etc., is set to witness a rise.

To conclude

Note that in the current job market, upskilling and upgrading will be the key to stay afloat. With the right skills, not only can you survive being pink-slipped but also explore new avenues and bag a lucrative opportunity coming your way.

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