July 15, 2017

Why do you need human resource outsourcing?

Human resources are the fundamentals of building stones of production and execution of organizational strategies which determine the future of your business. The workforce is the key factor of any organization in the production/operation sector.

HR Outsourcing simply stands out cost effective investment for human resources. It deals with all segments of HR Services in addition to Local Market knowledge and analysis, IT Support and Benefits Administration from a third party.

Legal Compliance is the essential part of any agreement. You should know all latest updates about employee services before getting into the creation of organization HR policies, any employment agreement and actions, type of contracts and terms, Visa Procedures, service calculations, Gap Analysis and transitions etc.HR Outsourcing services relieve you on everything. They are the best followers of UAE Labor rights.

Process Automation gives you a flawless support for the overall strategic objectives of the HR and the organization. Alignment of HR and Business Goals, technological or skill level enhancement required for the current Employees, implementation of process re-engineering and strategies etc. are included in it.

Employee surveys give insight about the company operations and its present requirements. It also helps to increase satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and retention of employees in the organization.

Succession Planning is the intellectual framework of any organization HR structure for the future. It aids to find the best-talented personnel for the lead roles for the organization. It hints towards the best practices those can be implemented to bolster the services.

HR Analytics & HR Metrics comprise of intelligent measurements to know the value of HR strategies and its areas of improvements. Your company key business decisions are directly linked with these reports which helpful for the effective operations.

The Recruitment Team emphasis on the latest, state-of-the art technology to find out the right talent for the positions. It comprises of a series of assessments (depend on positions) inclusive of psychometrical, leadership & technical skills for the required position.

A transparent and systematic Performance Management is being followed by Jams. Planning and Strategic implementation of Performance and rating system, Metrics System towards the key areas of business and assimilation of jobs by defining objectives to the key roles and achievement levels are the important stages of management.

A well-defined Compensation plan depends on one’s responsibilities, rewards, and work, education, experience, years of service, or responsibility level. Compensation philosophy is developed to guide the design and complexity of compensation programs.

Job Analysis or Job Evaluation is the process of gathering, examining and interpreting data about the job’s tasks and responsibilities. With the aid of the job analysis, we do prepare Job Description.

We have implemented complete information on HR Policies & Procedures focus on the growth of our business clients. Our induction classes ensure the better understanding of policies and procedures.

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