March 25, 2017

Positive thinking tips

  1. Try to enjoy all moments in your moments
  2. Be happy always to the blessings or achievements reached to you even if it is small
  3. Get away from gossips
  4. Take problems as challenges for you to grow
  5. Be Open minded for new ideas and improving the quality of living
  6. Avoid excuses
  7. Care on your self-image
  8. Always try to speak optimistically
  9. Correct your body language positively – smiling face, gestures, dressing etc.
  10. Try to get rid of from negative thoughts as soon as possible
  11. Ensure your sleeping hours are proper
  12. Being true to yourself
  13. Stop complaining about unfair things if it is waste of time
  14. Start appreciating people.
  15. Being happy for someone else’s success.
  16. Don’t lose hope when you get failure.
  17. Being friendly to strangers you come across in your life.
  18. Keep smiling.
  19. Motivate yourself and others
  20. Be healthy – eat heathy diet food, exercise etc
  21. Try to find beauty in all you see.
  22. Start writing happy moments your life daily.
  23. Don’t take things so seriously.
  24. Learn how to forgive others
  25. Love – love your passions, family & friends etc.
  26. Learn anger control techniques and implement it
  27. Education – learn new things to your surroundings
  28. Learn the art of conversation – casual & formal
  29. Improve your humor sense
  30. Treat your life as the blessing of god.