February 4, 2019

Ten golden habits of Professional Career

1) Identifying & Solving Problems

Without meeting issues, you cannot succeed in your life. So that you should have to learn about the problem – its origin, nature, affected ones, possible outcomes etc. It will provide an idea of pragmatic solutions and alternative ways to solve the issues in a diligent manner.

2) Socialize and pay attention to others and their healthy feedback

Life becomes smoother and lively when you socialize with your positive surroundings. It rejuvenates our heart and soul. Good relations bring new pathways and to keep them we consistently make sure that we must be paying attention to their concerns.

3) Get away from Gossips and be professional in all ways.

Office gossips are common these days. The piece of truth could be manipulated or exaggerated in various ways and it may lead to unhealthy arguments, betrayal and violence. If you wish to enhance your character in a great manner, get out of from gossips and make your conversations wisely and worthier.

4) Do not compare you to others and believe in yourself.

All living things are blessed with unique nature and qualities. Comparing with others is in fact an unhealthy practice that will make arrogance, anxiety and disappointment. Be happy with what you have achieved. You can never know the exact status of other person who you feel that he is better.

5) Think of next skills required for your job enhancement

As a focused career-seeker, the one would always think about his next career lines and add necessary skills to boost the chances of development to the next level. These skills can be majorly technical or soft skills like leadership, problem-solving, creative thinking, emotional intelligence etc.

6) Understand hierarchy, people and organizational nature.

The hierarchy of the organization tells you various things. The people who are in the decision making role , reporting channels, process flow, chances for promotion and many. Organizational culture is the commonly accepted norms, beliefs among the working people which will switch the gears of the rational face of all the processes involved in it.

7) Record & communicate your accomplishments at the right time.

Your contributions towards the growth of the organization must be honoured. How do you convey your line manager that you have done a great accomplishments for the project? Also, you need to see if there is a well established performance cycle and KPI in place.Then, you just need to work on those and record everything. In the absence of the performance metrics, you need to manually prepare a performance tracker and update it in a daily basis, present those at the time of IJPs or when you get the opportunities.

8) Be Innovative on your thoughts and start practice how you work on the next career level.

The vision of your career should be designed with innovative ideas and make it practice everywhere it applicable. The best practice suggested by the experts is to find various ways of answers for the same question.

9) Learn new things and ready to speak up your thoughts without fear.

New learnings augments new heights of knowledge and skills. It sharpens our readiness to speak others without fear. A good presenter is being acknowledged his affluent oration skills through a structured and alluring presentation in a clear manner associated with live, people friendly and attention-seeking presentation.

10) Job-change at the right time

Frequent Job hoppers do not entertained by any professionals. If you are looking for a career enhancement, you need to ensure that you have done enough workarounds for the same. Furthermore, In the event if the organization does not recognize your talent or contributions over a period of time and it would be better you can change the job and ensure that the new job will meet all your basic needs.