February 1, 2017

Training Resources

JAMS is a highly distinguished HR training and professional development provider. Our experience in different industries, be it blue collar jobs or the white collar segment, has revealed that without adequate knowledge and skill-based training, a person cannot climb the ladder of success in today’s competitive business environment. He or she has to stay well informed about the developments in technology, pricing and content, and be mentally and physically strong to meet the demands of the job. Our training modules are designed to therefore cater to all these aspects.

Be it equipping individuals to serve big or small-scale industries or preparing them for the challenges of port operations, oil and gas fields or other administrative purposes, we ensure that every resource is trained to serve optimally in a specific role. No surprises why our manpower resources have provided exceptional laborers, carpenters, engineers, project managers, directors, electricians, forklift operators, office boys, painters, spray plumbers, tally clerks, welders, pipe fitters and office assistants.

We are also committed to providing high quality services, which include support and consultation and development of different organizations. Spread across various locations in the Emirates and especially for organizations in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, our training addresses the different levels and requirements in an organization’s hierarchy. Be it training for new entrants, executives, middle-level managers or senior leaders, we ensure that every module is perfectly suited for each position.

JAMS offers training to respective industries keeping in mind the following goals of employee engagement.

  • Delivery of on-time services
  • Individuals learn to value commitments and deadlines
  • Work efficiently both individually and as part of a larger team
  • Customized learning solutions to promote productivity
  • Professional skill enhancement
  • Communication and personality development
  • Post-training support
  • On-the-job and outbound training

Our training resources are developed after in-depth assessment of an organization’s intrinsic needs and / or challenges. A proper learning and training module is then developed that can effectively help employees across levels and departments. JAMS is perfectly poised to deliver all these requirements and other value additions because we have the best-in-class expertise in different learning and training methodologies.