Human Resources / Personnel

Human Resources / Personnel

As an HR Outsourcing organization we are ideally suited and perhaps the best qualified to help you to find the most talented candidates in HR positions. We have a sizeable presence in the HR departments of many medium and large organizations across the UAE with our staff discharging various HR duties.

We keep our contractual HR staff relevant to the times and concurrent with new practices and trends by On-the-job-training and continuous improvement programs. This initiative has been well appreciated by our customers and is a shining example of our quest to provide superior customer service in outsourcing.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Placement of Staff
  • Human resource development & solutions
  • Compensation and fringe benefits
  • Safety and Health
  • Employee and labor relations
  • Talent hiring & Acquisition
  • Knowledge outsourcing team for Human Resources

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  • Customized solutions in HR training, consultation, manpower services, payrolls and incentives and skill development
  • Services designed in keeping with company ethos and values
  • Cost-effective solutions that guarantee long-term effectiveness
  • Fast and responsive professional guidance that is tailor-made for each industry vertical.