HR Outsourcing – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by HR Outsourcing?

It refers using an expert staff culminates for a particular job from an outsourcing service provider, who is capable of providing the right candidate to the job under the signed agreement. The candidate will be their payroll and bolster all HR related services as well for the employee.

2. What types of services perched under HR Outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing puts on intact amid all segments of kin HR Services – Recruitment, Visa & Payroll, Beneficial Administration, Legal Compliance, Employee Record Management, facilities for employee – (accommodation, transportation), PRO Services etc. minced as detailed division of support.

3. Why do we need HR Outsourcing? Is it beneficial compared to recruit candidates by ourselves?

HR Outsourcing facilitates the following things;

• Head Count Reduction and disarray issues

• Reduce the cost and improve Production. – All services come with a cost effective price quote by the Outsourcing Company. Extricate your worries on employee salary, incentives, rewards, hike, and all other fringe benefits.

• Limited Visa Quota Issues – Choose an HR Outsourcing who can provide visa without limits.

• Administrative Relief as per UAE Labor Law – The paper works, new UAE rules to abide in relation with labors, conflict of interest with the policy and the rule etc.

• Prime Core business development – you get more insights into the current market trends, unveiled experts opinions, highly qualified staffs, integrated business solutions etc.

• Function too difficult to manage at the time of recession, downsizing the number of people, cost control plans, to avoid eerie situations of new market trends etc.

• Outlined Talent Acquisition – helps you to find the challenging, robust positions

• Authorized and Licensed to provide candidates in your workplace.

• Assured world-class, czar of standards – The quality staffs bring your business into a success.

4. “We have our own In-house in place. Why should we have to outsource our services”?

If you have your In -house, please consider the following things;

a) Diffused Talent Hiring – Challenging positions, the wide number of openings, skilled candidates etc.

b) Nixed Temporary placements – The cost of Visa and other expenses

c) The facility for Fringe Benefits like accommodation, Transportation, trail rounds etc.

d) Hostile Business Relations within the community – Outsourcing companies do know the pulse of the region with the recent updates and all levels of communication confirm your business relations stiff and never worn down.

e) Tailgating Cost Control solutions glued for human resources

5. What are the specialization of services in Human Resources offered by an Outsourcing firm?

a) Fiscal HR Auditing and Monitoring of services

b) Allured HR Strategies Formation and Management

c) Formation of HR Policies and Process Framework

d) Spectacular Job Description and Position definition

e) Outstripped Performance Appraisal Management System

f) Solace Compensation, R&R, structuring

g) Allocation of Hefty Workforce Resources

h) Enticed Attendance Management system

i) Boutique Wages and Payroll Management

j) Surged 3-way Communication systems.

k) Training and Induction sessions

l) Condensed Grooming Sessions.

m) Tranquilized Disciplinary Management System

n) Mesmerising Legal Compliance System

o) Cramming the Sanctity of Organizational Values

6. Please explain the procedures to adopt a service.

The process is very simple.

1) You can communicate your requirements to the outsourcing company.

2) Signing on the Written Agreement for the contract of staffs.

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