Frequently asked questions

HR outsourcing frequently asked questions

1. What is meant by HR outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing (or HRO) refers to the process of hiring a sub-contracting some or all of an organisation’s HR functions to a qualified firm who specialises in providing HR services.

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2. What types of services does HR outsourcing include?

HR Outsourcing activities include payroll administration, recruitment,  visa & payroll processing, benefits administration, legal compliance, employee record management, facilitation of employee transportation and accommodation, PRO Services, employee training and development, and more.

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3. What are the benefits of HR outsourcing?

The benefits of HR outsourcing include:

Employee headcount reduction
Increased efficiency
Reduced operating and recruitment costs – At JAMS, our transparent and cost-effective pricing enables clients to tap into HR specialists for optimal HR management at significantly less cost and hassle than managing HR in-house.
Eliminate visa quota issues – Working with JAMS enables our clients to hire employees without the limitations of visa requirements.
Legal Compliance – We ensure that all clients are in line with the UAE Labour Laws, reducing the legal risks and ensuring regulations are followed at all times.
Access to world-class HR expertise not available internally
Increased flexibility and speed of response
Expedite talent acquisition – JAMS has specialists, tools and resources to fill your any roles within your organisation from the top down with the most qualified candidates.
Flexible hiring means we can keep your business agile with contract workers, semi-permanent staff, or long-term employees at all levels. Whether you need one employee or several, we’ve got you covered.

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4. What is the HR outsourcing process?

The process is very simple.
1) Contact us to communicate your requirements and which areas of your HR functions you would like to outsource.
2) We will provide you with a quote for review and approval.
To learn more about the services, benefits and process of hiring JAMS as your HR outsourcing partners, please contact us today