How HR Outsourcing Firms Can Help You In Remote Hiring Strategy?

Role of HR Outsourcing Firms in Remote Hiring Strategy

While the concept of ‘remote working’ always existed, COVID-19 has accelerated it manifold. Businesses across verticals are exploring it with gusto given that there’s still some time for normalcy to restore.

Having said that, most companies are in a dilemma as to how to take it forward, and the case was no different for the branch manager of a prominent IT firm in Dubai.

He was directed by the management to augment remote hiring, and the challenge compounded given that his recruitment team was new. He was brainstorming ideas with his team when the receptionist informed him about an old client wanting to meet him. He immediately asked the receptionist to send the client to his cabin, and the following discussion ensued:

Branch Manager: Hello Sir! Good afternoon. Welcome. Please have a seat. What would you like to have — tea, coffee?

Client: Good afternoon. Thanks. I won’t have anything. How are you doing and how is business?

Branch Manager: I am doing good Sir. Business is slowly picking up pace, and we are looking forward to hiring remote workers.

Client: Alright. A lot of businesses are doing so, and it won’t be a surprise if remote workers form a chunk of an employer’s workforce in the next couple of years.

Brand Manager: You are right Sir. However, my recruitment team is new, and they lack the required experience. I have been directed to beef up remote hiring. However, I am finding it difficult as to how to go about it.

Client: I see. Why don’t you rope in the services of one of the many established HR outsourcing companies in Dubai for it?

Branch Manager:  Sir, could you kindly explain to me how an HR outsourcing firm can help me in this endeavour?

Client: Sure. You see reputed HR outsourcing firms in Dubai have an experienced pool of recruiters who are technologically-equipped to interview candidates from across the globe. They are well-aware of the geography and the market from where the potential candidates belong and act accordingly. The entire process is fast, agile and cost-effective.

Branch Manager: That’s good to hear. What other advantages can I expect?

Client: You see in the current scenario, cost-optimisation is an important consideration for businesses. These HR outsourcing firms map your exact requirements and build talent remote acquisition strategies accordingly.

This goes a long way in bringing down the overall cost for on-boarding an employee. At the same time, these HR outsourcing companies in UAE ensure that the recruitment complies with UAE labour law. This administrative relief, coupled with taking care of issues related to wages and overtime computation, makes the entire exercise fast and transparent.

Branch Manager: Wow! This is wonderful. I am sure some of these firms have offices elsewhere with a firm grip on local markets.

Client: Absolutely. Even if they don’t, they know geographies quite well and shall help you with bring the best talent on-board from across the globe.

Branch Manager: Thanks a lot Sir, for helping me out with this.

Client: My pleasure! By the way, please see this new requirement and we can connect over a call in a couple of days. It’s time for me to take your leave. Have a good day.

Branch Manager: Sure, Sir. My team and I will go through it and will connect with you. Have a good day, Sir.