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Jams has an exclusive outsourcing team committed to executive search/head hunting. The conduct of executive search institutes high standards and systematic process. The HR outsourcing team comprises of experts from various domains specialized in recruiting executives, senior personnel in top positions etc. We have step-by-step process to find the right candidates and assist our clients who face issues like lack of internal research resources/ professional networks, ensure the corporate clients to get the freedom of recruiting from competitors without doing so directly, and the ability to choose among candidates that would not be available through internal or ineffective sourcing options.

We specialize in various industry sectors especially in FMCG, Finance & Banking, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Retail & Supply Chain, Food, Automation, Production/Manufacturing, Marine/Shipping, E-commerce and IT & Telecommunication. We are the first point of contact for any sort of executive openings at the firms we represent. Most of the big companies in Jebel Ali and Dubai Free Zone enjoy our services, which is a deference, to our confidence.

We have been experiencing an increase in demand to recruit the best executive talent in small, mid-level as well as premium companies that need to cultivate excellence not just for growth but also for survival in these tough times. Our erudite HR outsourcing team assure on time, cost effective and beneficial services to our clients.

Our process starts with the briefing of client requirement in detail. Once we get the complete information about the client requirements, we move into market research, where we can identify the best skills/qualifications for the candidate trending in the job market. Talent Acquisition team helps to find the best candidates profile from our huge database and other various sourcing options. The next step is the interview process. Candidates may need to go up to 4 rounds of interviews depending on the criticality of the job profile and to explore their background, competencies and interest in the role. Offer & Negotiation, On-Boarding, Visa & Payroll, Beneficial Administration etc. would be then followed.

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