Manpower Services

We offer customized services to help reduce the time, effort and cost associated with hiring temporary and permanent manpower. We are one of the foremost providers of contract manpower for JAFZA and across all emirates.

We provide direct access to a pool of candidates across multiple professions and a wide array of industries, both for skilled and unskilled positions. We can undertake the provision of general helpers, skilled and semi-skilled workers, waiters, assistants, warehouse operators and many other categories. We are well equipped to supply large numbers at very short notice. Our resources are insured, medically fit and trained to adhere to workplace discipline.

Our time-proven processes for recruitment, induction and training ensure that our customers get the manpower best suited for their requirements. We have invested in technology to ensure that we are always in compliance with all federal and local regulations and that our staff is happy and satisfied with our personnel services. Our technology also helps our customers to access our services with just a mouse-click.

JAMS manpower services division is managed by a team of experienced professionals to provide the best possible service in the manpower industry. The team takes care of the interests of our customers as well as the welfare of our employees.

Customer Benefits

  • Short-term and long term manpower contracts
  • Manpower issue resolution and management
  • Allocation of personnel across different category, skills and periods
  • Manpower benefits administration
  • Automated systems that are just a click away
  • Maintenance of roster and attendance records
  • Maintenance of employee profile, placement data, status
  • Affordable costs
  • Risk-free labour management
  • Flexible options for long-term contracts

Employee Benefits

  • Staff Accommodation
  • Transport to workplace
  • Employee records administration
  • Leave management system
  • Health & safety precautions and prompt assistance
  • Prompt and comprehensive medical attention
  • Centralized communication system
  • Job protection
  • Understanding concerns and taking appropriate actions
  • Education, counseling, and job training

Giving corporates a direct access to qualified candidates, the manpower services is a core service offered by JAMS HR Solutions that enables business to improve their manpower requirement. These services are most prevalent in the Jebel Ali Free Zone as well as other key parts of the United Arab Emirates. This continued support from JAMS helps in aligning and increasing the efficiency of various companies at a structural level.

JAMS HR Solutions offers tailor-made services that aims to reduce costs associated with hiring temporary and permanent contract manpower. Our all resources are insured, healthy and disciplined in fulfilling the job requirements.

JAMS HR Solutions is committed to offer dedicated support and high quality services to organizations – be it small or large. Manpower supply is our core service, and we ensure that our resources are the best in the industry.

We do recruit and deploy general helpers, skilled and semi-skilled workers, waiters & assistants, warehouse operators etc. in mass numbers depend on the requirements of the employers.

As an employer, you can get the following benefits

  • Supply of manpower for short-term and long term basis
  • Manpower-Issue Management
  • Allocation of personnel depends on job nature, type and timings
  • Manpower Benefits administration
  • Timely assistance and support a fingertip away
  • Keep the record of Attendance, working hours
  • Detailed information on Employee profile, & recruitment, Job status etc.
  • Economical costs
  • Risk-free Labour Management
  • Flexible options for long-term contracts

For Employees, we bring about the following for their well-being.

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Employee Records administration
  • Smooth Leave Management System
  • Health & Safety precautions & Prompt assistance
  • Medical Service
  • Centralized Communication system
  • Job protection
  • Understanding concerns and appropriate actions
  • Education, counseling, and training in relation with jobs

Skilled & Semi-Skilled workers

We have enormous number of job profiles for skilled and semi-skilled labours. We can deploy candidates depends on the requirement in large scale.

We also have huge numbers of General labours capable of doing any sort of general duties involving physical handling of product, materials, supplies and equipment.

At JAMS, talent is appreciated and this is the essence of our success. We give priority to instant availability of manpower resources to all our existing and new clients.

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  • Customized solutions in HR training, consultation, manpower services, payrolls and incentives and skill development
  • Services designed in keeping with company ethos and values
  • Cost-effective solutions that guarantee long-term effectiveness
  • Fast and responsive professional guidance that is tailor-made for each industry vertical.