What HR Outsourcing Strategies To Be Adopted In A Post-COVID World?


The post-COVID world will see many changes across industry verticals and HR outsourcing will be no different.

Evolving as an integral part of organizational functioning in the last few years, companies resort to HR outsourcing because of several benefits they bring on the table, right from cost-effectiveness to organizational competency.

Just as firms need to tweak strategies for business continuity and efficiency in a post-COVID world, let’s see the effective HR outsourcing strategies that may witness an increase in adoption. Let’s start.

Technological Prowess

Social distancing became the mantra to keep the threat of the deadly virus at bay, and it will hardly be any different in the post-COVID world. Companies will bank on HR outsourcing firms that have the technological prowess to find, interview, and bring the best talent on board, following this all-essential norm.

As pointed out by Shameer Ibrahim working as a recruiter in one of the top HR recruitment companies in Dubai, “Even in the past, organizations looked to bank on HR outsourcing firms that were technologically competent and had the tools to search and recruit the best talent. This will gain more importance now, particularly when the norms of social distancing are here to stay for a lengthy period.”

Firms That Can Help in Compensation Restructuring

The job of HR outsourcing companies is to not only fill the talent existing gaps but also help firms in restructuring their compensation, salary, and other benefits in the most effective way. With COVID-19 taking a toll on revenues of organizations, enterprises will look to outsource HR activities to firms that can help them in compensation restructuring.

“In the post-COVID world, organizations will look forward to going lean and most importantly organize their pay-outs in a manner that helps them save and sustain in equal measures. Not only do they need to restructure current pay-out but also look into matters of appraisals and promotion,” points out S.V. Murugan, heading one of the prominent HR companies in Dubai.

Also, in the coming days, the taxation structure may undergo a change keeping in mind the hardships different sectors have faced due to the COVID pandemic. Keeping abreast of these changes will be a tall order for organizations, and therefore they will rely on outsourcing firms that can help them align with the new tax structure.

The grip on Local Markets

While the whole world is unlocking gradually, it will take some time for full-scale recruitment to kick-off on a global basis. Therefore, companies will look to hire talent present locally and will look to outsource their HR functions to organizations that have a grip on local markets.

To put it otherwise, companies will reinforce faith in outsourcing firms that are a dominant local player.  As Murugan puts it, “Enterprises will look to bank on local talents for the time being and therefore will opt for services of firms that have a say locally.”

In Conclusion

The dynamics of HR Outsourcing will undergo a huge change in the post-COVID world, and it will not be a surprise if there’s a paradigm shift in the outsourcing strategy in the coming days.