Contract Staffing

The landscape of UAE workforce is changing with a shift towards flexibility of contract staff. In today’s tough market situations, hiring an employee for specific job requirement for a definite period of time is quite expensive and time-consuming. The unstable economy does not suggest a steady growth unless you act wisely.

We can deploy contractual employees on short-term and long-term basis as per client requirement. We specialize in processing large numbers of visa within a short span of time. ISO 9001-2008 regulates our services and we perform audits every trimester.

By outsourcing your staffing requirement to us, we do ensure that you get the right candidate.

The following are the benefits we would like to highlight:

Hiring Risks

Most job seekers are looking for permanent roles especially those who are from overseas. Secondly, the time and expense incurred to hire staff is a bit more compared to a permanent job.

Benefits of Quality staffs

Our clients can benefit from the revolving nature of contract staffing, as good candidates end their assignments, they re-enter your pool of talent. And as clients enter and exit lulls in productivity, you can fill their job orders again and again.


Contract staffers are usually compensated by the hours that contract employees work. As a bonus, if your client decides to permanently hire the contract worker you placed, you will receive the permanent placement fee from your client.

Technical skills

To recruit technical staff, you require dedicated technical and domains knowledge recruiters who can source the right candidates. With the aid of contractual staffing with us, you can get technicians who have profound knowledge in their fields.

Complete In-House HR Service

Jams offers an end-to-end in-house HR function from any industry vertical to source candidates and maintain the employee beneficial administration, visa & payrolls, work permits, accommodation, transportation, attendance etc. in order to save our clients’ valuable time to focus on their business growth.

Risk Management & Legal Compliance

Contracting staffing enables a better risk management in terms of roll offs and projects ramp down and other unforeseen circumstances. We also help in eliminating payroll accounting and maintain budget controls. Also, eliminating bad press from layoffs during recession. Foreign companies or new companies needn’t worry about legal compliance as we take care of all HR functions in a smooth way.

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