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Contract Staffing Services In The UAE

As challenging market conditions affect business and workforce needs, companies rely on the flexibility that contract staffing can provide. When hiring a full-time employee may not make sense, your business may start looking into alternatives. Do you trust an independent contractor? Hire temporary employees? Neither of these solutions may offer the skilled labour your business needs to fulfill daily demands for weeks or months at a time. Contract staffing, on the other hand, offers the same flexibility as another time-limited solution while providing several additional benefits.

Here are some of the main reasons companies choose contract staffing services for temporary assignments.
5 Benefits of Contract Staffing

Hiring becomes much more flexible when working with contract workers. You can bring on new staff quickly, and often with less red tape than if you were hiring a permanent employee.

At the same time, this flexibility in hiring also protects your core staff’s positions. By only bringing on contract workers when you need them most, you maintain your employee headcount year-round. This effective hiring strategy also means your employees can also feel more secure in their positions.


You can reduce many of the costs associated with hiring permanent staff by recruiting contract workers. When companies choose to work with these contractors, they eliminate many payroll and benefits expenses, and reduce or eliminate many administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and other hiring activities.

In addition, when hiring contract workers with a specific skill set, there will be fewer costs associated with onboarding, training, and professional development.

Technical Expertise

Contract workers tend to have more years of knowledge and experience than any other employee group. This is highly valued as it means that they can jump right in and get started in a role.

You can specifically hire for the skills you need for the work that needs to be done, without the risk of hiring a permanent employee who doesn’t have the full range of experience necessary for a role. This is particularly beneficial if you are recruiting for a short-term position where the company has little to no current staff with those skills.

We take care of all the talent sourcing, background checks, and preliminary interviewing activities to deliver highly qualified workers.

Lower Business Risk

Part-time and full-time hiring puts a significant amount of liability on the shoulders of the employer, especially when hiring employees from overseas. Contracting staffing enables better risk management in terms of roll-offs, project ramp-down, and other unforeseen circumstances. While employers are still responsible for reasonable safety and security, they can reduce the costs and liabilities associated with regular employees, including payroll accounting and maintaining budgetary control. Contract staffing also removes the uncertainty associated with foreign contractors.

As an added bonus, we help to reduce the risk of bad press due to layoffs during economic downturns. Foreign or newly established companies can rest assured that their legal compliance and general HR functions run smoothly with JAMS as their partner.

Fast Turnaround Time

Jams HR Solutions “the best contract staffing service provider for short term and long term to small, medium, and big enterprises in Dubai UAE” offers a relatively short turnaround time for hiring qualified contract staffers, giving client companies access to almost immediate workforce solutions. We specialize in processing large numbers of visas within a short span of time, and all services are regulated and audited on a quarterly basis.

Why Work with JAMS?

At Jams HR Solutions, we match the right candidates with the right companies every time. Whether you’re ready for a direct hire or interested in trying out a short- or long-term contract employee, we have the ability to deliver highly qualified candidates so you can focus on strategic business goals.

Our fully integrated HR services for any industry include sourcing qualified candidates, maintaining HR administrative duties, processing visa & payrolls, work permits, and facilitating accommodations, transportation, attendance, and more, in order to save you valuable time and money to focus on your business growth. Contact us today to get started.

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