Here’s How to Plan Your Manpower Needs While Expanding

Here’s How to Plan Your Manpower Supply Needs While Expanding

Businesses are in always need for manpower, and it goes a notch higher during expansion. The scenario wasn’t different for an FMCG firm looking to set up its Dubai operations.

The senior member of the company’s HR department was mulling ideas as to how to plan the entire episode when she was her ex-colleague called her.

Ex-colleague: Hey! How are you? Hope everything is fine at your end.

Senior Member: Hi. So good to hear from you after a long time. Yes, everything is fine. Our company is branching out to Dubai, and hence it’s getting a little hectic. How are you doing?

Ex-colleague: I am doing good. Wow! It’s wonderful that your company is going international. I am sure you must be busy with manpower planning. I will be glad if I can help you as I had a similar experience a couple of years ago when my company decided to commence its US operations.

Senior Member: That will be quite helpful. Though I have an idea, it’s a little vague.

Ex-colleague: I can understand. You see, the first step is to gather information on the demographics. Find out what all departments you are going to have, the required qualification, age and the number of employees (contractual and permanent) in each department. This will help you get started.

Senior Member: You are right. I am collecting data on them. What else do you feel I should include in my manpower planning plan?

Ex-colleague: Well, there are certainly other things to consider, as well. Know the sales volume that the company expects to target. A key element, it will help you know the growth that the company expects from this market and will help you in your manpower plans. Also, try to get the exact numbers by talking to various stakeholders. This will save you from last-minute hiccups.

Senior Member: Great inputs. I was also thinking about UAE labour laws and if we need to provide training for our new staff.

Ex-colleague: Definitely. Your manpower planning should be in tune with the labour laws of the country. If not, it can land you in trouble. Also, providing the right training will ensure that your workforce is ready to accept new challenges head-on. At the same time, with changing technology, it’s vital that the workforce has the required skills to move ahead and bolster revenues.

Senior Member: Yes, the challenges are multi-pronged. Can it be eased to some extent?

Ex-colleague: Definitely. By tying up with the leading Manpower Agencies in UAE, you can address challenges related to labour laws and filling up key positions. These agencies are well-equipped to handle your short and long-term recruitment needs at an affordable price point. Also, they can help you with staff accommodation, maintenance of attendance, leave management system, job-related training, medical service and much more.

Senior Member: That’s wonderful. So, with a manpower agency, many issues related to planning can be eased.

Ex-Colleague: Of course. Manpower Suppliers in UAE are well-versed with all the nitty-gritty and can help you with all your needs, round the year.

Senior Member: Thank you for your valuable inputs. I will definitely take them during this entire exercise. Have a great day.

Ex-Colleague: You are welcome. Take care. Bye!