What Are The Best Strategies To Recruit Manpower For Saving Time And Money?


At a time when organisations are facing issues with revenues due to disruption in operations due to COVID-19 induced pandemic, it’s essential to focus on creating a deft manpower recruiting strategy that saves time and money.

This blog focuses on such strategies that you can implement for bolstering organisational success.

Hire Services Of Specialised Manpower Supply Service Company

A prudent way to bring down cost and money for manpower recruitment is to hire services of the specialised manpower supply company. This is because such firms know well the nitty-gritty of hiring and have a large pool of candidates who can fit into the scheme of things.

As pointed out by S.V. Murugan, associated with one of the top manpower supply companies in Dubai, “Manpower supply service providers have all the tools at their disposal that can help companies bring the best talent on board. Organisations don’t have to put their resources at work and this significantly cuts down the time. Also, with this approach, companies can focus on other core areas of operation, bolstering productivity.”

Getting Preferences Right

Many organisations end up spending time and money on manpower recruitment because they don’t get their preferences right. This results in dilly-dallying whereby companies lose out on time and money. However, things can be different if they get their preferences right in the first place.

“Organisations need to identify the talent gap, know the qualifications they need and hire accordingly. A job that warrants specialised qualification and experience shouldn’t bet on candidates who don’t fulfil the criteria just to fill up the position,” points out Jahir Hussain, working as a Manager in one of the prominent manpower agencies in UAE.

Use The Power Of Social Media

Given the reach of social media these days, organisations can optimise their manpower strategy to connect and recruit potential candidates in the shortest possible time. In the process, they can bring down the cost of recruitment manifold.

Several brands have been successful in recruiting worthy candidates in this process. Given the competition in the market, it’s important for organisations to create a robust social media presence and be active on all social media platforms. With the right promotion and brand presence, entities can fast track their manpower recruitment processes big time.

Boost Employee Referral Programme

This is another prudent way through which entities can save money and time on their manpower recruitment process. Several studies have shown that referrals are among the most qualified and easy ways to hire candidates.

With the help of an employee referral programme, organisations can empower their employees to become brand ambassadors and recruit potentially good candidates for the business. Through such programmes, employees can potentially save a chunk of advertisement costs for employers and also bring qualified people.

Summing It Up

As evident, with these strategies, you can easily save time and money on your entire manpower process, build brand loyalty and get the right people on board to drive organisational success in the long run.

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