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Not all profiles will benefit from settling for one person’s recruitment knowledge and skills, especially when hiring for technical or highly skilled jobs. For such challenging acquisitions, HR outsourcing will be the most effective option, resulting in an experienced and ready-to-deploy workforce. To find exceptional talent, employers should follow a recruitment strategy in addition to online job boards and references. In Dubai, Regardless of the size of your company or the market in which you operate, outsourcing can be the best solution to handle all your employment-related processes such as hiring employees and processing Visas and payroll, in line with local regulations and international standards.

Benefits of OutsourcingĀ your HR Functions to a company in Dubai :

Headcount Reduction:

Reducing headcount enables companies to compete in the marketplace by reducing disguised unemployment expenses that increase employee productivity.

Efficient Visa and Payroll Management:

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Payroll accounting is a sensitive part of the administration as it deals with salary accounting, crediting on time, and maintaining accuracy in wages. Through its simplified administration procedures, JAMS payroll management can save time and money by ensuring transparency in payments which makes it easy to estimate the overall operating costs of any organization.

Compliance with UAE Labor Law:

Businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will benefit from outsourcing since they must review their policies and procedures following labor law changes. Employers are entitled to conduct background checks or hire a third party to comply with the law.

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These laws aim to protect both parties in an employment relationship and enable them to assert their rights in a balanced manner. By outsourcing, private businesses can reduce the risks associated with repealing labor regulations by ensuring that employment agreements comply with local labor laws.

The right candidate in the right place:

JAMS Outsourcing process examines the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for a role. We follow competency-based selection techniques and consider experience as a significant factor in placing the right candidate in the right place.

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Assessment and evaluation of these competencies are crucial for overall success. A well-executed interview strategy is necessary to identify the employee’s suitability.

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We believe passionate candidates willing to improve performance every day will increase any company’s output by implementing creative efforts.

Developing HR Policy and Procedures:

Managing people effectively within an organization becomes easier with the right HR policies and procedures. We have developed tailor-made HR policies that include all aspects of the employment lifecycle, from early recruitment to employee exit.

According to our estimates, companies can maximize savings by outsourcing HR instead of hiring internal staff. Other administrative benefits include maintaining attendance, detailed records of employee information, and distribution of benefits to employees.

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The specialty of JAMS HR Outsourcing company:

JAMS HR outsourcing company has access to best practices and metrics for all Human Resource recruitment procedures. We have sourcing pools and talent pipelines for recruiting which is unavailable to most employers. Providing competitive salaries and benefits is tricky since they change based on market conditions, geographical areas, the type of industry, and market demand. Our service includes hiring, managing benefits, developing training programs, and overseeing employment rules and regulations which ensures the smooth functioning of business operations.